Thursday, 17 January 2013

T is for Table Settings

Okay so my PowerPoint skills need a little refining when drawing objects, but today's post is to share with you a basic of entertaining--how to set the table.

The above picture is for a fairly formal dinner, but all meals follow the diagram and the below principles:
  1. You always work outside in for cutlery.  This meal is set up for a starter that requires a (salad) knife and fork, before proceeding to the main course and then uses a small fork and spoon for pudding.
  2. If you started the meal with soup, the spoon would go on the far right next to the (salad) knife.
  3. A fish knife and fork would follow the starter course, before the main course cutlery (or replace them).
  4. The knife on the side plate is for butter. A knife set for a cheese course (served after dessert) would be in-between the charger and the dinner knife.
  5. If you get cramped for space, you can move the side plate up above the forks and to the left of the pudding cutlery.
And you want to be really posh, serve food from tureens from the left although plates of food and drinks* are served from the right.  Clear from the right.

Start serving/clearing with the guest to the host's right (typically a woman) before carrying on clockwise round the table.

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