Wednesday, 10 April 2013

R is for Recipe Rifle

A favorite blog of mine is Recipe Rifle.

Nice for a giggle (and the recipes of course) with a few of my favorite quotes below to encourage you to mouse on over:

"Then stuff them ALL in your face, growling and drooling like Fantastic Mr Fox." [Lamingtons]

"I don't know why this photo has come out blue." [Chocolate nests for Easter (because I post naff photos and believe misery loves company)]

"Add the icing sugar, one large tablespoon at a time. I have never found a way of doing this that doesn't leave your kitchen looking like a rock star's dressing room - you might be more clever about it."[A Birthday Cake]

"Our relationship with our mother is like the painting of the Forth Bridge. Once she's got off the phone with the last one, it's time to ring the first one all over again." [French breakfast]

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