Saturday, 21 September 2013

B is for Beerfest

Today the annual Oktoberfest kicks off in Munich, Bavaria.  For the next 16 days, up to six million people will drink over 7.5 million litres of good German beer.

But you don't have to trek to Southern Germany to clank glasses with friends. You can create your own Fest at home very easily.

The food for it couldn't be easier since everything can be bought in packets from the supermarket: potato salad from the cold counter; jarred sauerkraut / pickled cabbage; and sausages that will take 15 to 20 minutes to griddle/grill.  If the bakery section doesn't sell pretzels, mini versions will be available in the snack aisle.

Other traditional tucker includes roast chicken, ham hock, hunks of sourdough bread and cheesy potato cakes.

Add a few accessories from Amazon in the form of a Beer Garden sign, balloons in the traditional Bavarian pale blue/white checkerboard design and of course the large, dimpled glasses if you don't already have them in stock...although really anything that's chunky and that holds beer will work.

And there you have it.  Ein Prosit in your backyard!

Viel Spaß!  Have fun!

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