Thursday, 7 November 2013

P is for Planning

There are 48 days to Christmas and while this may be to many a ridiculously long time ahead to start prepping for the festive season, experience has taught me that it's worth getting ahead a little so that December won't be too manic.

So this is what I'm doing this month (across the whole of it):
  • Set a budget; work out what you can afford to spend on presents, as well as food and drink
  • Start a master gift list
  • Draw up a Christmas card list, ensure you have enough cards and postage stamps
  • Buy any extra cards and postage stamps needed
  • Ensure you have everyone's (postal) addresses up-to-date
  • Get out the emulsion and paintbrush and touch-up any areas that have suffered over the year e.g. banisters, around the front door etc.
  • Plan the holiday menu; and set out an ingredient list
  • Try out any new recipes.  They may sound delicious on paper but be far too stodgy in reality
  • Go through your cupboards, freezer and pantry and make a list of what you need. Check cans and spices for sell-by dates; ditch any that are over the date by more than a couple of months
  • Make and bake the cake 
  • Make and steam the pudding
  • Draft a Christmas letter if sending
  • Begin shopping for gifts, collating gifts from suppliers where possible to save on P&P
  • Feed the cake with brandy by making holes over the cake with a large needle and (using a pastry brush) brushing the top and sides with the alcohol
  • Write your cards, stuff them in the envelops (but leave unsealed at this stage)
There...that wasn't too much...was it!?!

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