Saturday, 25 January 2014

S is for Smears

I really like my table to look nice.  I've often put a lot of effort into getting a bunch of people around the table at once, have planned and cooked a meal and would now like to enjoy it with my guests.

But then, as I look at the table, I notice the glasses.  Despite going through the dishwasher, some of them still bear the smears of parties past.

Easiest way to remove these is to fill an ice bucket or a large jug with boiling water and take it to the table (so when the glass is cleaned it's not going to have to be handled again, get greasy finger marks).

Making sure the hot water container is not going to mark any surface (I put mine on the seat of a dining chair), and hold the glass by the stem upside down over the water.  The steam helps lift any smears when wiped with a glass cloth.  This also works for cutlery.

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